Thursday, May 1, 2008


It was first sunday of february 08. In the morning, as usual I went for folloup session of kriya and I came to know that there will be satsang in that evening in the city area. In the evening I went for satsang. Saket kakkarji was there for satsang and he was singing bhajans one by one. Everybody was singing with him. After sometime full ground became packed with all smilies, those who didnot get place to sit they stood up. With Saketji there was one lady also who was singing bhajans. After some time BAWA and Dinesh bhaiyya came there and everybody started looking at them. That time I was not knowing who are they. Dinesh Bhaiyya took guided mediation for 23 min and I couldnot cam to know how 23 min passed. I thought we did it for hardly 10 min. Then BAWA told us some good things about bhajans. He told us why we say radhe sham in bhajan. The opposote of Radha is Dhara means flowing. If want to merge in Krishna then pray to Radha, become like Radha. We are all Radhas. Then some question-answer session started. BAWA has answered to all questions very nicely and beautifully. Satsang went on till 10:45 pm. My experience was enchating in this satsang. I could have feel the vibrations in the presence of Dinesh Bhaiyya and BAWA. This was the first time when I saw Dinesh bhaiyya and BAWA.

With lots of love,
Jai Gurudev.

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