Sunday, November 16, 2008

Teri justajoo by Roop Kumar Rathod

One of the soulful sufi song, I really liked this very much. Just mind blowing. Lyrics , music, tune everything is perfect about this song. I am loving it :) A nice quality , superb ,perfect and mind soul moving song. Thanks to all those who worked on this song.

Awesome song by Kailash Kher , saiyyan...

Keep Smiling.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Two nice stories

I came across two nice stories while watching TV. It does not mean that watching TV is good thing :)It depends what you are watching. :)

A famous painter wanted to draw a painting of Lord Bal Krishna. To draw this painting/portrait he was in search of little beautiful and cute child. So that by looking at child he can draw the painting. But the problem was he was not getting a little boy as per his expectations. He searches a lot. Finally in one village he found a very nice, beautiful and cute boy. Painter draws a very beautiful painting of little Lord Krishna.
Couple of years passed, painter is now old man. This time he wanted to draw a painting of very dangerous criminal. He wanted to have such criminal in front of him so that he can draw his painting. He searched in many jails but he did not get as per his expectations. Painter wanted to catch all expressions of criminal. While passing through roadside, he saw police was carrying one dangerous criminal and there his search finishes. After drawing painting of criminal, that criminal asks him do u remember me. Painter says no. Criminal tells painter that couple of years back you wanted to draw a painting of Bal Krishna that time also you choose me. Now you wanted to draw a painting of very dangerous criminal now also you choose me. Painter understands that criminal is the same person.

What we can learn from this story is that divinity and evil both qualities are present in all human beings. It depends on us where to focus and concentrate. Whatever we focus on grows in our life.

An enlightened Master goes into one village and people organize the satsang for couple of days.
A thief from the village gets a good chance to make robbery because he knew that almost all villagers will go to satsang. He decides a rich person’s house where he wanted to do robbery. He becomes successful in his mission. He keeps all that wealth in his house. After few minutes a angel appears in front of him. Angels says to him that God has seen you today while you were doing robbery. And you will be getting a very strong punishment of that. Angel says you must surrender to God and accept your theft. Thief scares and decides to surrender and goes into house to return the wealth he has stolen. But he remembers one line of that enlightened master when he was passing through that satsang place. He remembers that master said that Angle does not have shadow of their own. So when thief switched on light he can see the shadow of that Angel. He returns with a big stick and says to that person you are making me fool. That so called Angel agrees and accepts that he himself is thief also. He wanted loot his readymade stolen wealth. The wife of thief was very good and spiritual in nature. She tells her husband that you listen and obeyed one line of that enlightened master and you got so much benefit out of that. If you listen and follow the path given by that master then how beneficial it will be.

Keep Smiling.
Jai Gurudev

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Astral Travel aka Out Of Body Experience

In last couple of days while browsing on internet, I came across about some interesting topics. It is not like that I was totally unaware of these topics. But then I thought lets go into deep and understand what exactly those topics are. Those topics are astral travel a.k.a out of body experiences, astral projection, near death experience.

Astral travel or out of body experience ( OBE ) is that experience when your consciousness leaves your physical body and you can observe world without your physical body and its physical senses. It is 'an experience in which a person seems to perceive the world from a location outside his physical body'. What I observed that, it is a part of spiritual practice which is very common in western countries. Generally people get such type of experiences while they are sleeping or dreaming. Some may get while driving, working, playing etc. Off course every single person may not get such experiences. When consciousness leaves body you can see and hear those things which are far from your physical body.

Recently I had chat with a person who is from Netherlands. He was telling me that he was guided by his dreams on his spiritual path. He is getting dreams like he is a Buddhist monk. Also in last two days I went throw one blog where I read about this astral travel. Here is that blog gnosticgirl. You can read more about OBE here

Now what I think is that consciousness leaves your body means of course your physical senses leaves your body. Does it also mean your soul leaves your body during that time? Well I really don’t know as I never had such experience. :) But yes I used have some different types of experiences. I used to wake in the midnights with full sweating. I used to feel like I am dying and I used think what exactly death is. Is OBE same like telepathy. Whatever it is but in western countries people are doing lot of research on this. Many people are using it as spiritual practice and they are regularly practicing it. There are many institutes/organizations, methods available for this. In our India this thing is not new. It will not be a wrong if I say that in India there are many spiritual, enlightened Masters who are having mastery on all such topics. Bharat ki bhumi anginat santo ke sitaro se saji hai. Such enlightened people rule on the visible and invisible world. They rule on this whole creation.

In spirituality there are many paths but one must stick to only one otherwise everything gets messed up. Then situation becomes "Dhobi ka kutta.. " :) But on the path of spirituality you must have a good Master. There is no other way. Same thing Krishna has told to Arjuna.

Keep Smiling.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Thursady Satsnag

Yesterday Sushma Didi was present for the satsang and satsang continued for almost two hours. Whenever she comes, she gives some good knowledge points which are very important for day to day life. Generally whenever Guruji is surrounded by people everybody wants to talk with Him, hug Him , bow down to Him. This is but obvious. What happenes that time is, many thinks that Guruji didnot see me , He did not talked with me, I could not discussed my problem with Guruji, etc. etc. Sushma Didi told that we should not think like that. If Guruji is talking with someone then we should think that as if He is talking with me only. If He is watching anybody then think as if He is watching you only. I know agreeing to these statements practically is bit difficult. The reason is our mind. It is our ego that comes in between. Why Guruji did not see towards me, why He did not talked with me. This "me" is a big enemy on the path of spirituality. Who am I? I am nothing in this world. I think we should live with this feeling all the time.

In first week of last month I got the chance to attend the navaratri advance course in Pune ashram. I met with my school friend there. In the last week there was blessing course organized in the presence of Swami Pragyapadji. My friend asked me are you interested to attend. Mine was not fixed because I knew that I will not get leave. But later I asked my senior and I did not get the leave. I could not attend the blessing course. There is one more guy called Prashant told me that he also wanted to attend the blessing course. In fact he went in half way and he got a phone call. Because of some work he had to return. He also could not do the course. My friend told me that Swami Pragyapadji was saying the same thing. Many people wanted to do the course, but why you people only reached to the course venue. It is not in our hand. So I think whenever my turn will come I will get chance to do the course. But yes it depends on my intensity and Gurukrupa.

keep smiling,

Jai Gurudev.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Love without attachments

Love without attachment, does it seems contradictory. If I say I love my girlfriend (even though now I don’t have any :) ), it obviously means I am attached to her. It is so obvious. Same case happens with other things too. Loving wife, children, parents, job etc makes you attached to all those beings and things. Generally we think that attachment is a second side of love and it is natural. Up to certain extent I am very much agreeing to this that attachment which comes with love is natural with your loved ones, favorite things, situations.

Love is a feeling and attachment is an emotion. Now you will ask me huh what the difference between two is, it’s again the same thing. Well there is a difference. Love is feeling within and emotion brings strong feeling, possessiveness, and obsession. I know you must be thinking I am mentally disturbed or I am mad. But love without attachment is true love, pure love, that’s what I think. If we observe carefully everyone is in search of true, permanent, long lasting love. At least I am :) Attachment brings mental fatigue, mind disturbs.

I think true and pure love is free from attachments, lust, obsession etc. Love between Gopis and Krishna is the best example of this one.
It took me a lot of time to agree that love and attachment are two different things. But still to follow it in practical life is not that much easy for me. I think it is a continuous process throughout the life.

Keep Smiling,
Jai Gurudev.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

New York experiences

I was working with Merrill Lynch in 2007 for couple of months. For almost two and half months I was in New York, the biggest finance hub of USA. I think we can call it as Finance hub of this world as if stock market of US goes down it affects on almost each and every country’s stock market. New York City has its own glamour. Big talents born here, some came from other parts of the world. The Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island are the five major areas of this city.

Even though it was first time to go abroad excitement was not much, a bit curiosity was there. It was new place, new colleague, and new boss for me. My roomies were Indian and they helped me a lot. I never found any difficulty during my stay. What I seen there almost all Indians cook food at home, well that is quite natural and wise ones will prefer that :) I found Americans are co-operative , disciplined, they will give you smile even if they don’t know you. I think Americans are either fat or they will be in proper body shape. I think Americans needs lot of research on their food habits. :) My black American boss always used to take me to taste different types of food items. This is the different case that I liked very few of those :) I was really amazed when I came to know that my boss was not addicted to smoking, drinking etc. , even though he was a proper American. I was having almost all bad habits that time. When he saw me smoking, he asked me, what makes you feel to smoke, what encourages you for smoking. I was answerless that time. Whenever I have done any bad habit, I always used to interact with myself that something is going wrong. It’s like monitoring your own self.

Traveling with subway trains, path trains and bus was good experience. Network of trains underground was new for me that time. Why USA is so much rich and advanced today, is a question we must think on. One day my boss invited me for dinner. Even though I used to eat non-veg that time, I told him I will prefer veg food, as I was scared. :) When I reached to his house I came to know that he is very much interested in music and he can play trumpet very well. His wife was very much interested in cooking. A strict professionalism and discipline at work place are two good qualities which I saw there. My boss was very much frank in nature and we used to discuss on many topics like Indians taking jobs of Americans, dowry system in India, spirituality in India etc. During weekends my colleague and I used to go for sightseeing. We had been to statue of liberty, Wall Street, empire state building, Washington DC, Niagara Falls. It was beautiful experience.

You go anywhere in this world people are same with same emotions, feelings, desires. I don’t like to compare, stupid people keeps comparing, keeps criticizing about what they don’t like. Each country and each city in it has its own beauty. I remember someone asked Guruji that why India is so much rich in spirituality and Guruji answered that America is also beautiful city and people over here are also good but what I see is that Americans has lost somewhere in celebration. (Here celebration means materialistic celebration)