Sunday, August 31, 2008

Festival Season

The Olympics games has finished now. India got 3 medals. It was really great thing. Abhinav Bindra has made it. Our national anthem instrumental was played when Abhinav got the gold medal. It was the amazing moment. Any indian will be proud of such event. Well I really dont want to argue why we could get only 3 medals. What I heard that Abhinav's rifle which he used is of 1 crore. He has personally spent lacs and carores rupees on his training and equipments. But whatever it is he has made it. Well our government should provide more and more facilities to all these sports people and they should stop this ridiculous politics in any sports.

Well its festival season going on. Bappa ale re... :) its now Ganesh festival for 10 days. After few days navaratri , Dasara and then Diwali :) In Maharashtra Ganesh Festival is very big. You will see many people saying that, day by day festival is getting lost somewhere. I mean the pure feelings, serenity, its true purpose is getting distorted. Today only I read such types of news in newspaper. Well I am definitely agree to this but we should not forget that change is natures law. And everybody is responsible to make this festival more and more creative , innovative. I think this festival definitely useful. Important thing is that we should not criticize anything, if we cannot take part in it. Whatever it is I like this festival. Ganapati bappa moraya.....

Keep Smiling,
Jai Gurudev

Friday, August 8, 2008

Problems in Life

Day before yesterday night one of the talented guy from our company jumped from 7th floor and commit suicide. He was on the manager level and was from IIT. Our company has sponsored him for IIT. Almost 4 years of bright professional journey, he commit suicide. Our company is quite famous for open and healthy culture. Everyone was shocked. He has send a SMS to his brother mentioning that I am having lot of work load , stress and that's why I am going to do this. Few of my colleague said that it could not be only work load reason , there may be some personal reasons. I really dont understand how people dare to commit suicide. OK if i agreed that once people go into that stage, they can do anything. But why dont they think that they are making the biggest sin. Now this guy was having so many options like he could have changed company if it would have work load reason, or he could have went to some good counsellor etc. There are many ways and solutions. On the other hand I think that all these discussions are useless because when the person is born his whole life story has already been written. What job he will do, whom he will get married or how and when he will die, everything is fixed. But then again by saying this we cannot just sit idle. I have seen lots of such suicide cases. I have seen many people going through heartfelt and after heartfelt they talk like this only, absolutely rubbish. I have seen heartfelt in my life. Suicide is not at all the solution of any problem in life, then it may be any damn problem. I think in today's world we run lot of after money , success and relationships and then somewhere we get lost in that. Why that guy commit suicide, his mental situation was totally worst. His mind was totally full of stupidity. His mind was disturbed like anything. I think we can prevent all these things if we think how to work on mind and keep it healthy. Let me mention here that meditation , yoga are absolutely must now now in days. I think without spirituality life is nothing. That is the only way to keep your mind healthy and maintain your centrdness.

Keep Smiling,
Jai Gurudev.

Monday, August 4, 2008

YES+ with Bawa and Dinesh Bhaiyya

I was having idea that, there is a YES+ course scheduled at july end and Bawa himself was going to conduct it.I was very much interested in doing this course but somehow that enthusiasm doesnot remains till last. But just two days before the course begins, I enrolled for it. It was amazing to attend the YES+ course. The most important thing was we got the presence of both Bawa and Dinesh Bhaiyya. Five days of full of magic, knowledge sessions, games, exercise, masti. I have enjoyed a lot in the course. Both Bawa and Dinesh Bhaiyaa shared some nice experiences. Life can be pursuit of happiness or it can be expression of happiness. So the choice is ours, life shud be , I will say must be expression of happiness. Learning from the past and planning for the future goals but in the present moment is very much important in life. During the exercise session it was fun, especially when doing surya-namaskaras. People used to say enough , some used to screech. Bawa said very beautifull thing. Generally people have one mentality they never lives in the present moment. They always remains in pursuit of happiness. Wheather I will get admission in good college, then after getting degree when I will get good job, when I will get good girlfriend, then worry about marriage, then about kids. I think this is very much important. Living in this material world but not disturbing our centredness is very very important thing. And this can be obtained only through spiritual practises. I came to know lot of new things about the food habits of western countries and how exactly the things works in slaughter houses. It was horrible. I think we should spread awareness about global warming to as much people as we can. Bawa is having tremendous presence of mind. He answers the question without completing the question itself. At the end of the course everyone was hugging Dinesh Bhaiyya, so I also went and hugged Dinesh Bhaiyya. This was golden opportunity for me. I bought sweets to distribute in my project as emailed to all project about the course and its contents so that few of them may think to do YES+ course.

With love and gratitude,
Jai Gurudev