Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Three experiences

In the month of March 08 on the occasion of mahashivaratri there were many courses and events organized by surat centre that too in the physical presence of Guruji. There was advanced course with Guruji as well. Pankaj Gupta a yoga expert/teacher from banglore was there in surat and he has shared 3 enchanting experiences of Guruji.

Guruji was in banglore or tamilnadu , I really forgot the city name. One senior AOL teacher requested Guruji to visit his new constructed bunglow, so Guruji agreed and they both reached to his new bunglow. Guruji and that AOL teacher stepped down from car and were heading towards staircases. Now in front of that bunglow there was main road and on the other side of the road there was small hut and one lady was sitting outside that hut. That lady saw Guruji and that AOL teacher and started thinking that I wish I could have meet Guruji. He is looking so much powerful. Now in days spirituality is only meant for rich people. But as I am very much poor even if HE comes to my hut what I can give HIM so its ok even if HE doesnot come to my hut. Guruji was heading towards staircase he stepped up 2 steps and turned back and straight away went to that hut. Noone was able to understand whats happening. Guruji saw that lady and asked her , Mai andar nahi bulayegi. That lady was not getting what to do now, then Guruji asked Mai bhuk lagi hai khana nahi degi. That lady was having hardly half or one roti. She gave that to Guruji and Guruji ate that.

This has happened again somewhere in south india, I forgot the name of city. Guruji was in "agyatwas". When he goes in agyatwas noone can tell where is HE. So one day Guruji asked car driver that HE want to go but didnot told where to go. Guruji was guiding driver lane by lane, where to go, where to take turn. after sometime Guruji asked driver to stop in front of a very small house. HE stepped down from the car and knocked the door. One man opened the door and for few seconds that person was amazed and then that person start crying. That person used to read Guruji's columun in newspapers. He always used to think that how can I meet Guruji. As I am very much poor and not having enough money to do part 1 course also. Where should I go and whom to meet. He was very very much curious to meet Guruji but was not able to. Then Guruji spent some time with that person.

This incident happened when Guruji was abroad in some country. I again forgot the name of the country. Anyways that doesnot matter. One person wanted to give gift to Guruji. That gift was a pack of tea powder as it was very famous in that country. Somehow that person couldnot managed to meet directly to Guruji and he delivered that gift to one of the senior AOL teacher who was with Guruji and told him that please give this to Guruji. That senior AOL teacher kept that gift in his bag and said ok I will give this to Guruji. But due to some rush hours and work he forgot to give that gift to Guruji. Now that devotee who has given gift was very much worring that his gift will reach to Guruji or not. In the night Guruji opened that senior AOL teacher's bag and picked up tea powder pack and kept in HIS bag. Later that teacher remebere that he has forgot to give gift to Guruji and then later he comes to know how that gift reached to Guruji. Gurujiko unke devotee ke liye time aane par chori bhi karani padi. Guruji you are greaaatt. Whenever I remember these incidents my throat gets choked up and tears comes. Gurudev ne zoli bhar di hai ab aur ab kya mangu.

With love n gratitude,
Jai Gurudev

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Anonymous said...

hmmm... well..!! this is in one way.. a story of mine...!!
Well i really wanted to give a card to Guruji(when did it just as soon as i did my basic course!)... but time went by and i lost my conf on giving it to Guruji my self! i have met him 3-4 times personally...6-8 times in satsang!! but havnt given it yet! and i gues i have mis placed it! i left the idea of giving it to him.. when i saw so many people giving.. really costly gifts during satsangs..! now i will make it .. thanks for posting! :)