Friday, October 31, 2008

Wildlife Photograph of the year 2008

One of my colleague forwarded me this : -


David Maitland's "deadlock" is this year's winner of the competition’s Behaviour: Other Animals category.
David said the photo was just a snapshot in the struggle between a tree-frog and cat-eyed tree-snake that lasted for hours through the night in the tropical forests of Belize.

Keep Smiling :)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Biggest Wonder

Pandavas were walking through the jungle and were thirsty. They stop walking while Bhima says I will bring some water for all of us. While in search of water he reaches to a lake which was under control of Yaksha. When Bhima tries to take water, Yaksha says either you give me the exact answer of my question or leave from this place. You can take water only if you give right answer , if you give wrong answer you will die. So Bhima was having two option only either leave or ready for the question. Yaksha asked the biggest wonder in this world. Bhima couldn’t give answer he dies. One by one 4 pandavas dies. At last Dharmaraj comes to lake and gives the right answer. His answer – Daily people watch other people dying, living beings dying then also everybody expects that their life should be stable. They behave with their ego as if they are going to live here forever. This is the biggest wonder of this world.

A beautiful line I found in one book – While you are living don’t think of death. And while you are dying don’t think of living.

Keep Smiling,

Jai Gurudev

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Fall of Human Intellect

In last two months I read two books. The first one The Fall Of Human Intellect by A Parthsarathy. This is a very excellent non-fiction book which deconstructs the difference between the intellect and intelligence. The author has perfectly explained about the emotions, our action which is controlled by our emotions, attachment, relationships, love. Author has given emphasis on the explanation on intellect and intelligence, our thoughts, judgment. Using this how we can improve our life, how we can achieve control on our mind, emotions. I think everybody should read this book. This book is very much good for those also who are Nastik. So save yourself from Fall!!

Deepak Chopra’s Buddha is also a very beautiful book. This is the first book I have read on Buddha. Author has tried to picture Buddha’s whole life. Siddhartha as a prince, then a wanderer monk in search of God, and after the enlightenment Buddha. After 10 years of marriage Siddhartha goes in Wanaprasthashram. Buddha’s way to achieve enlightenment was totally different. In our country we call vipasana , in Japan they calls it Zen. These are the different names of Buddhism.

Keep smiling,
Jai Gurudev.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Advanced course with Rishi Nityapragyaji

This navaratri I wanted to go to Banglore Ashram. I had a thought in mind lets book our seat pretty early so I can go to banglore ashram. But the problem was about the leave. Well these all are the reasons. I did not put my 100% or may be my luck was something different. I decided to attend advanced course during this navratri time at Pune Ashram. Rishi Nityapragyaji means it was like amazing, beautiful roller coaster for all of us. I met one of my school friend in the course and then we were together all the time. We had lots of fun in the course. Everyday in the evening Rishiji used to do Gurupuja, Lalitasahasranam as a part of Navaratri celibrations. After that there used to satsang time. Rishiji used to sing very beautiful bhajans. Along with bhajans some beautiful songs like rat kali ek khwab .., tu bin bataye.. , duba duba rahata hu.., tuze dekh deh sona... It was like feeling the top of the world. On the second last day I got a chance to hug Rishiji. He looked towards me and smiled then I too smiled. When we finished the course that night me and my friend met Rishiji. I asked Him how to improve meditation so that I could go into deep meditation. He answered that remove rajas quality by doing some exercise , seva etc.
Secondly I asked how to remove bad habits. On this He replied for that do sankalapa and take a vow that you will not indulge in bad habit for 20 days. After 20 days again do same. Like this do for 2 months and you will get rid of your bad habits.

In this advanced course Rishiji taught us many beautiful things. At very first day He asked all of us everybody happy, are you all get accommodation and is everything set, comfortable. Then He said COMFORT IS NOTHING BUT JUST STATE OF MIND. This statement directly went into my head, heart :) Rishiji told us that using our 5 senses on body our mind captures the outer world's situations, people, things. Moreover perceiving power is different of each person. We should not get stuck in people, situation and things. CIC is important in life, i.e Connectedness with Master, using Intelligence, and Commitment. I would like to specifically mention one thing here that I came to know in while listening Guruji's talk. Guruji was telling that someone asked Him that, Guruji I have a very worst habit. My eyes are like X-rays. I look towards everybody without clothes. I am suffering from this bad habit and even if I go to temple I see god and goddess without clothes. Then Guruji's reply on that was beautiful. Guruji replied to that person you give your 100% Dont just look without clothes. Remove their skin and see and then remove their bones as well. This is a very simple and straight forward explanation to remove lust. Course finished on saturday and on sunday there was Ganesh and Navgraha homa. Few veda boys from banglore ashram were present in all these days for lalita sahsranam, and for all homas. I attended Ganesh and Navagraha homa. After that me and my friend was about to leave ashram but we were not feeling to leave ashram.

With Gratitude n love,
Jai Gurudev.