Sunday, May 4, 2008

Two must watch movies

Before few days, I got chance to watch movie The Secret. It was sunday and there was Holi Festival on that day. In our AOL centre I got chance to watch that movie. It was just simply great movie. It is all about laws of attraction, about our thinking, and how our thoughts works actually. Its something like whatever we think , this whole universe - cosmic power starts to work on it. So we are what we think. Its a very much beautifull movie and I think everyone should watch it. There is a book also The Secret. We can learn hell lots of good and beautiful things from this movie. If we start implementing in our life, I am very much sure that its going to be a life changing.

Recently I came to know there is movie called An inconvienient truth. I have not yet seen this movie but I have gone through their website If you go thrugh it , you will be shocked. Tsunami, incresing hurricanes, increasing temprature, rising of global sea levels etc etc. are the consequences. Today only I read in newspaper that by 2013 Arctic ocen will be ice free. I think we should spread this awareness to as much people as we can. Only awareness will not work, actions are also.

Keep smiling,
Jai Gurudev.

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Anonymous said...

Nice blog.. i really wanted to read the experiance..about the Guruji and his grace.. do write more..

Jai Gurudev!