Friday, September 18, 2009

Missing Navaratri 2009

As usual this year Navratri Celibration has started in Banglore Ashram. As I am not there in Banglore Ashram I am missing a lot.

This is for my beloved Guruji -

मेरे मेह्बूब मेरे दिलबर मेरे रह्बर,
आज के दिन भी तेरि मह्फिल सजि होगि,
जोग दर जोग लोग अये होन्गे,
मुन्तझिर होन्गे तुझे देखने, तुझे सुनने को,
आज के दिन फिर तु बन सवरकर आया होगा,
धीरे धीरे हाथो को जोडे हुए,
अन्धेरो बादलो से जैसे चान्द निकलता हो,
गुल्फसानि भि हुइ होगि अम्रुत वर्शा भि,
तुने हयातो कायनातो के राझ खोले होन्गे,
फिर एक कुफ्र कि दीवार भी गिरि होगि,
वोह दीवार जिस्ने कर दि श्याह पिछलि सदिया भी,
तेरे तराजु मै सच और झूठ तोले होगे,
खुदाइ के नाम पर जिन्होने दुकने सज रखि हो,
उनकि ताबूत मे किले गाडि होगि,
भटकति हुइ रूहो को तसकिन मिलि होगि,
जन्मो के प्यासो को जाम पिलये होगे,
झूम कर उठे होगे रिन्द तेरे मेखाने से,
तुने क्या कहा होगा आज क्य कहा होगा,
यहि दिल सोचता है यहि दिल पुछ्ता है,
मेरे मह्बूब मेरे रहबर मेरे दिलबर,
अफसोस मै नहि हु आज वहा मै नहि हु
मेरे मह्बूब मेरे दिलबर मेरे रहबर
यहि दिल सोचता है यहि दिल पुछ्ता है

Jai Gurudev

Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine Day

Well this year I really celebrated Valentine's Day. For AOLits celebration is in every moment , there is no doubt in it but still this year it was much pleasant and sepcial for me. Many times I think to love someone is not easy as it seems. Hey hold on to love someone means to love someone unconditionally, truly, without expecting anything in returns. I received a greeting card sent by AOL office and Guruji's message is very beautiful. He said that THIS IS ULTIMATE RELATIONSHIP WHEN YOU CAN RELATE TO YOURSELF A HUNDRED PERCENT THEN ANY FACE YOU LOOK AT,THERE IS LOVE, CHARM AND BEAUTY. So what is important is we have to first find our relationship with our self then we can understand the meaning of true love. Now definitely we need one Master to learn all these things. I am very much happy that I have got the right path and right Master to learn all these things.

Well in the beginning I said that this Valentine was much pleasant and special to me because the reason is I got engaged and this was my first Valentine day.

Keep Smiling,
Jay Gurudev.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Types of pleasure, joy, satisfaction

From last couple of days I am watching talks given by Jagadguru Kripaluji maharaj. He is just amazing and superb. The talk series is on Bramh, Jeev and Maya where He is gives references of Bhagavad gita, Upanishads , Vedas, Puranas etc. Whenever He tells any shloka ( verse or chapter ) He also tells the page number and that shloka number. This is just amazing I think. Yesterday He was talking on the pleasure, joy. Here there are two things Mayik anand and atmik anand. Mayik anand means those pleasures and joy which our mind is looking for, which is of material world. Atmik anand means that purest form of joy and which is permanent which is need of our soul. Mann mayik hai. It means mind is under control of maya. I think this is very important point which we must always keep in mind :) Again mind came here hahaha. Mind , mind and mind so let me keep this in mind forever. :)

Keep Smiling,
Jai Gurudev