Saturday, March 6, 2010

Shri Ramcharitmanas

Afer a long sudarshan kriya session , Guruji sings a shlok from Shri Ramcharitmanas. I was not knowing that is from Shri Ramcharitmanas abd I was searching it from so long. Finally I got it. The meaning is so beautiful. Here it is with english meaning -

बन्दाउ गुरु पद पदम परगा | सुरुचि सुबास सरस अनुरागा ||
अमिअ मुरिमय चुरन चारु | समन सकल भव रुज परिवारु || १||
सुक्रुति सम्भु तन बिमल बिभुति | मन्जुल मन्गल मोद प्रसुति ||
जन मन मन्जु मुकुर मल हरनि | किए तिलक गुन गन बस करनि ||२||
श्रिगुर पद नख मनि गन जोति | सुमिरत दिव्य द्रुश्टि हिय होति ||
दलन मोह तम सो सप्रकासु | बडे भाग उर आवई जासु ||३||
उघरहि बिमाल बिलोचन हि के | मिटहि दोश दुख भव रजनि के ||
सुझहि राम चरित मनि मानिक | गुपुत प्रगट जह जो जेहि खनिक ||४||

I greet the pollen-like dust of the lotus feet of my preceptor, refulgent, fragrant and flavoured with love. It is a lovely powder of the life-giving herb, which allays the host of all the attendant ills of mundane existence. It adorns the body of a lucky person even as white ashes beautify the person of Lord Shiva, and brings forth sweet blessings and joys. It rubs the dirt off the beautiful mirror in the shape of the devotee’s heart; when applied to the forehead in the form of a Tilaka (a religious mark), it attracts a host of virtues. The splendour of gems in the form of nails on the feet of the blessed Guru unfolds divine vision in the heart by its very thought. The lustre disperses the shades of infatuation, highly blessed is he in whose bosom it shines. With its very appearance the bright eyes of the mind get opened; the attendant evils and sufferings of the night of mundane existence disappear; and gems and rubies in the shape of stories of Lord Rama, both patent and
hidden, wherever and in whatever mine they may be, come to light— (1—4)

Jai Gurudev

Shayari (poetry)

After a long time geing a chance to post something nice over here.

I am always been a fan of shayri, sufi shayri. Especially the sufi shayri is my all time favorite. It brings you closer to divine. Shayari or poetry has to be in such way that it uplifts your soul. Poetry done by our saints like Kabir, Meerabai is so much beautiful.

Here is one beautiful line from one forward email -

Mohabbat ek aihasanso ki woh pawan kahani hai , kabhi Kabeer diwana tha kabhi Meera diwani thi , yaha sab log kahate hai mere ankhho me aansu haijo tu samaje to moti hai aur jo tu nasamje to pani hai.

Great sufi singer pandit nusarat fate ali khan has sung following very beautifully.

saaNsoN kii maalaa pe simruuN maiN pii ka naam
apne mann kii maiN jaanuuN aur pii ke mann kii Ram

With every breath I take, I chant the name of my beloved
I know of my heart, and God knows of the heart of my beloved

yahii merii bandagii hai, yahii merii puujaa

This is my salutation [and] this is my prayer.

ek thaa saajan mandir meN aur ek thaa pritam masjid meN
par maiN prem ke rang meN aisii Duubii ban gayaa ek hii ruup

One lover was in the temple and another in the mosque
but to me, immersed in the joy of love, both seemed same

prem kii maalaa japte japte aap banii maiN Shyam

Chanting on rosary, the name of Shyam [Lord Krishna], I become him.
Note: A Hindu God sung and revered by the patrons of love.

ham aur nahiiN kuchu kaam ke
matvaare pii ke naam ke, har dam

I am worthless except that
I surrender to the name of my beloved, all the time.

priitam kaa kuch dosh nahiiN hai vo to hai nirdosh
apne aap se baateN kar ke ho gayii maiN badnaam

My beloved is not to be blamed, it is no fault of his
I became infamous only because of talking to myself

Love ,