Monday, April 16, 2012

From Sex to Superconsciousness

After long time I have decided to write something about the books which I have read in last couple of weeks.
OSHO's talk has always inspired me. OSHO's books/talks on topic sex never attracted me until I saw couple of short videos on this topic given by Him. The topic is vibrant and He had to face antagonism that time. But I think whatever He has written and said is same as that of other saints. For example you have to accept yourself as you are. If you are fat or thin, rich or poor, fair or dark you have to accept yourself as you are. If you keep thinking all the time that I want to change myself you might go in depression or frustration. The very first thing is that you accept yourself as you are and then you find the ways to change yourself. If you are meditating and all bad thoughts are coming up in the mind you just accept it rather than resisting it. The more you resist, it will persist/increase. The same concept applies to this topic. OSHO says accept it as it is because it is very basic thing in our life. In fact everybody is born out of it. But all religions have talked negatively about it, they have taught to suppress it, ignore it. Without accepting and understanding it, you won’t transcend it. Our main goal is to transcend it and without accepting it is impossible. Without taking the first step you won’t reach to your destination. The first step is to accept and understand about it.
OSHO says that animals, birds do sex in certain period of the year but humans are ready round the clock. :) You won’t find homosexuality in any other species. Why so much obsession about it. One important reason is that you get a glimpse of samadhi i.e egolessness and timelessness in climax of intercourse. That moment is a big attraction. In that moment you feel egolessness, time freezes, you forget everything, you forget yourself. That moment is a glimse of samadhi. But that moment can achieved by meditation and it can be longer than just a moment, it can be of few min or hours. To transcend anything you have to go through it.
The book is awesome, beautiful.

With love,