Friday, September 4, 2015

Who loves you most Or who is your most beloved

I remember one thing that I learnt in one of the AOL workshop.

Wonder when a couple says to each other that I cannot live without you, you are my life etc etc.
For any relation for that matter, I mean it could be a relation between mom and son, dad and daughter any relation where there is love. And in such relation one is ready to die for other. I mean very genuine and pure love.  There is no wonder right. I mean there is not really but lets see the facts.

When one person say X loves to Y very much. Lets assume that X's life is dedicated to Y and X is ready to even die if such situation occurs. But without X where is the love ? His i.e X's presence itself creates all this game. Another thing is that it is X's desire to love Y and ready to spend life with Y. By doing all this thing X is getting fully satisfied and X's desires are getting fulfilled.

If we look this way then for a moment it seems that everybody loves himself or herself most in this world :)


Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Sadhguru's Books

Now in days I am reading Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudevan's book Mystic's Musings. Sadhguru has explored different aspects of spirituality , his experiences which are like  miracles for us. It was absolutely beautiful experience while reading this book. Knowledge points and experiences mentioned in this book are really interesting, wonderful. His childhood life, blissful moments of samadhi, enlightenment, few things about dhyanlinga, overall this book is something like everyone who is on the spiritual path  will like.


Monday, April 16, 2012

From Sex to Superconsciousness

After long time I have decided to write something about the books which I have read in last couple of weeks.
OSHO's talk has always inspired me. OSHO's books/talks on topic sex never attracted me until I saw couple of short videos on this topic given by Him. The topic is vibrant and He had to face antagonism that time. But I think whatever He has written and said is same as that of other saints. For example you have to accept yourself as you are. If you are fat or thin, rich or poor, fair or dark you have to accept yourself as you are. If you keep thinking all the time that I want to change myself you might go in depression or frustration. The very first thing is that you accept yourself as you are and then you find the ways to change yourself. If you are meditating and all bad thoughts are coming up in the mind you just accept it rather than resisting it. The more you resist, it will persist/increase. The same concept applies to this topic. OSHO says accept it as it is because it is very basic thing in our life. In fact everybody is born out of it. But all religions have talked negatively about it, they have taught to suppress it, ignore it. Without accepting and understanding it, you won’t transcend it. Our main goal is to transcend it and without accepting it is impossible. Without taking the first step you won’t reach to your destination. The first step is to accept and understand about it.
OSHO says that animals, birds do sex in certain period of the year but humans are ready round the clock. :) You won’t find homosexuality in any other species. Why so much obsession about it. One important reason is that you get a glimpse of samadhi i.e egolessness and timelessness in climax of intercourse. That moment is a big attraction. In that moment you feel egolessness, time freezes, you forget everything, you forget yourself. That moment is a glimse of samadhi. But that moment can achieved by meditation and it can be longer than just a moment, it can be of few min or hours. To transcend anything you have to go through it.
The book is awesome, beautiful.

With love,

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Beautiful Golden Cage

Big wonder of life. Luxurious life, more money , good job, marriage with beloved ... etc ... etc ... etc I mean if everything is going fine in your life and that too always then I feel it will be life like a parrot in golden cage. Just had a thought on this. I was chatting with one of friend and discussion started with onsite jobs. i.e jobs abroad where you can earn more money. If you look at facebook , twitter all Indians who are settled abroad are connected to India in one or other way. Well topic over here is what if everything is smoothly in your life and still you think that there is something big, good , real charm missing in life then I think you and I are on the same page. But what if everything is not going smoothly in your life. You are always having hard luck then I think it is the time to find that "real" thing in life. Well life is mixed with good time and bad time. huh.. that is what everybody says. Actually it is not good nor it is bad. We put label on it. Well I have started searching that "real" thing , at least I am on the path.

Jai Gurudev.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

CMM level 8 company, very funny :)

I got this in one of the forwarded email. This is very funny.

With love,

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

AMC in Bangalore Ashram ( 2-6 jun10 )

After a long time I was blessed to attend the AMC in Bangalore Ashram. Since the day I entered in AOL, I was very curious to visit Bangalore ashram. I was having this wish in my mind since long to do AMC in Bangalore ashram. It was an amazing experience. Though it was my first visit to ashram I never felt that I am at new place. One more beautiful part was that Hindi Ashtwakra discourses by Guruji are going on and I got the golden opportunity to attend those. You go in bliss when a Master is in front of you. Well really I think it cannot be explained by words. What is the importance of Master’s grace in our life? Well I think it is a thing that needs to be experience and I think one cannot express it in words. What is the need of Guru in life? Guruji answered if you need an answer that means you need someone who have to give you the answer and that anyone who gives the answer automatically becomes a Guru. Advanced course works like purifier. It purifies your mind, thoughts, body and brings back to our original nature. We lose innocence as we grew older and to bring it back to its original state mediation, yoga, sudarshan kriya etc. are must. Reading knowledge and living knowledge are really two different things. Many people read knowledge but to implement it in practical life is what important. I think awareness in every moment is important. Observing yourself (I mean thoughts, sensations and offering to divine) every moment is at most important.
The relation between a Master and devotee is so beautiful. Five days of AMC was absolute joy. Rishi Vidydharji took the course and Guruji also took couple of sessions. Well the most important part was last day when Guruji met everyone. Everyone was so eagerly waiting for Him. When I met Him it was a moment of bliss. For me those were the most beautiful and important moments of my life. There is one beautiful sufi song by Kailash Kher which Rishiji played on i-pod.

Chokh puraavo
Maati rangaavo
Aaj mere piya ghar aavengey

Khabar sunaaun jo
Khushi reh bataaun jo
Aaj mere piya ghar aavengey

Aaj mere piya ghar aavengey

Heri sakhi mangal gaao ree
Dharti ambar sajaao ree
Utregi aaj mere pee ki sawaari
Har koi kaajal laau ree
Mohey kaala teeka lagaao ree
Unki chhab se dikhu main to pyaari
Lachhmi ji vaaro
Nazar utaaro
Aaj mere piya ghar aavenge

Aaj mere piya ghar aavenge

Rangon se rang miley
Naye naye dhang khiley
Khushi aaj dwaar mere daaley hai dera
Peehu peehu papiha ratey
Kuhu kuhu koyal japey
Aangan aagan hai pariyon ne ghera
Anhad naad bajaao sab mil
Aaj mere piya ghar aavenge

Aaj mere piya ghar aavenge

Hey ri Ohooo

Hey ri Hey ri

Anhad naad bajaa ri sab mil

Anhad naad bajaa ri sab mil
Anhad naad bajaa ri sab mil

with love,
Jai Gurudev

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Shri Ramcharitmanas

Afer a long sudarshan kriya session , Guruji sings a shlok from Shri Ramcharitmanas. I was not knowing that is from Shri Ramcharitmanas abd I was searching it from so long. Finally I got it. The meaning is so beautiful. Here it is with english meaning -

बन्दाउ गुरु पद पदम परगा | सुरुचि सुबास सरस अनुरागा ||
अमिअ मुरिमय चुरन चारु | समन सकल भव रुज परिवारु || १||
सुक्रुति सम्भु तन बिमल बिभुति | मन्जुल मन्गल मोद प्रसुति ||
जन मन मन्जु मुकुर मल हरनि | किए तिलक गुन गन बस करनि ||२||
श्रिगुर पद नख मनि गन जोति | सुमिरत दिव्य द्रुश्टि हिय होति ||
दलन मोह तम सो सप्रकासु | बडे भाग उर आवई जासु ||३||
उघरहि बिमाल बिलोचन हि के | मिटहि दोश दुख भव रजनि के ||
सुझहि राम चरित मनि मानिक | गुपुत प्रगट जह जो जेहि खनिक ||४||

I greet the pollen-like dust of the lotus feet of my preceptor, refulgent, fragrant and flavoured with love. It is a lovely powder of the life-giving herb, which allays the host of all the attendant ills of mundane existence. It adorns the body of a lucky person even as white ashes beautify the person of Lord Shiva, and brings forth sweet blessings and joys. It rubs the dirt off the beautiful mirror in the shape of the devotee’s heart; when applied to the forehead in the form of a Tilaka (a religious mark), it attracts a host of virtues. The splendour of gems in the form of nails on the feet of the blessed Guru unfolds divine vision in the heart by its very thought. The lustre disperses the shades of infatuation, highly blessed is he in whose bosom it shines. With its very appearance the bright eyes of the mind get opened; the attendant evils and sufferings of the night of mundane existence disappear; and gems and rubies in the shape of stories of Lord Rama, both patent and
hidden, wherever and in whatever mine they may be, come to light— (1—4)

Jai Gurudev