Thursday, September 25, 2008

My favorite songs/bhajans

I love this song which is sung by Vikram bhaiyya. Its too beautiful. Every word of it touches to my heart.

Ek din app yu humko mil jayenge...

here one more --

Tu pyar ka sagar hai....

I couldnot stop , one more by Vikram bhaiiya :)

Shabdo ke jungle me tu kyo fasa hai...

With Gratitude,
Jai Gurudev.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Astik and Nastik

What do you mean by Astik and Nastik. Astik means that person who believes in GOD and nastik means who ignores the presence of GOD and its power. This is the general meaning we all know. Yesterday I came to know very beautiful explanation of these two words. Their meaning is not just which I have mentioned above. Astik means that person who strongly believes in life. He who finds good things among the bad things. Even in worst situation he never looses his hopes. We generally criticizes our system, people, situation, corruption. Then I think one who criticizes all these things, he cannot be a astik. Astik will not keep complaining , rather he will work on making the things better. Astik will always accept the situation as it is and will work for the better tomorrow. Only visiting temple and attending bhajans does not make person astik. Vikram bhaiya has explained that there is not much difference between astik and nastik. Astik first believes in GOD and then he wants to see GOD. Nastik wants to see GOD first and then he will trust in it.

Keep Smiling,
Jai Gurudev

Saturday, September 13, 2008

OSHO's Talks

From last few months I am listening to OSHO's talks. His talks are superb and directly reaches to our heart. Listening to his talks itself is a satsang. Ek omkar satnam, Kahe kabir mai pura paya, kahe kabir diwana, pad ghungharoo bandh .... He gives very simple examples to make the concepts clear. Many times he gives examples of Mulla Nasariddin. Listening to OSHO's talks means gaining more and more knowledge. He has talked on Meerabai, Guru Nanak, Kabir and so many other things. He gave one nice example of Sufi Saint Junnaid. Junnaid was very much attached to his son and he used to love him a lot. Unfortunately his son dies and when Junnaid comes to know that his son died, he gets a shock for a moment. Then after that he behaves very normally as if nothing has happened. At the end of day his wife asks him didn't you felt bad. Junnaid told her yes for 1 moment I was shocked but then I thought when I was not having son then also I was happy. When our son borned then also I was happy. Then why I should be in sorrow now. Yesterday I was having son , today I dont have. Its like a dream , whats there in dream, dream comes and goes.

There was one more beautiful thing OSHO has told is his talks. There was one very gr8 and famous Indian scientist in USA. He was doing research on plants. Plants can understand humans emotions, sentiments, they can read humans mind. After that scientist's death his American student continued the research. In laboratory there was one plant on which experiments were going on. That plant was attached to machines to read its vibrations. When that student came near to its plant and he was very happy that moment, that time plant's vibrations were smooth. After few moments he thought what if I cut this plant in between , and suddenly the vibrations of plants changed suddenly and its graph changed drastically. That student just thought about to cut the the plant , but he never did it. After this incident whenever that student came near to that plant its graph used to change. It took 20 days for that plant to understand that , this student is not going to do anything harmful it him. This has been scientifically proved this way.
There's a book named as The Secret Of Plants on this same concept.

Well its really difficult to mention here all things which I have learned from OSHO's talks. His talks are available free on

Keep Smiling,
Jai Gurudev.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Big Bang

Big Bang has started. How this universe/universes or galaxi/galaxies got created. What was there in the begining. According to Big Bang theory universe has expanded from a primordial hot and dense initial condition at some finite time in the past and continues to expand to this day. I was very much curious about geting the more information about this theory and this project. CERN's seven thousand scientist working on this project. I think this is the first attempt of human being to find out about how this universe got created. This project is going on in Geneva, under the sea. They have made a 27 KM round under the sea and yesterday they tested transmission of beam through that large hadron collider at speed of 11000 km. Well I just can't imagine when they will test the collision of those beams. I heard that this project is will be useful in many ways like getting new techonology to cure cancer. In today's date science and techonology has reached to very high state. Few questions always comes in mind. Is man challenging nature? Is he planning to control earth, universe, weather? Well what I think is that any progress in science and techonology has to be used for good purpose. Definitely nature's power is always bigger and we cannot take control of it. Big Bang theory's discussion also raises one more topic that GOD exists or not. :)

To get more information about Big Bang, or just put "Big Bang" in google. You can read more stuff on CERN's websites also. --

Keep Smiling,
Jai Gurudev

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

First upgrade of YES+

Day before yesterday on sunday I attended upgrade of YES+ course. Actually it was all of sudden happened. Before few days I got call from YES+ volunteer and then it got fixed. Well it was full day worshop but I really enjoyed it. First we had some exercise and long sudarshan kriya and knowledge session, review of learnings of YES+. It was fun and much more learning in YES+ upgrade. Any work in this world is not good or bad. Its just our mentality to lable it. Our ego is such a strange thing. If we divert our ego in good things , spiritual things then its heaven here. Otherwise if we keep ego in stupid things then its the worst thing. I will not forget this day throughout my life.
What I can say here is once you do YES+ upgrade you cannot forget that day in your whole life :)

Keep Smiling,
Jai Gurudev