Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My Reading Habit

When I was in my school and college life I was not having any interest in reading those books which are other than academics books. I used to think that academics books are too much too read then why to read other types of books. I always used to be backbencher in school and college also. As a student I was almost gone case , I took 5 years to complete my graduation :) Anyways thats not the topic here hahahaha. So how and when I started taking interests in reading good books. I dont remember the exact month but i think it was almost 1 and 1/2 years back when we were returning from my friend's marriage. One of my other frend told me that we will go to books shop bcoz he wanted to buy some books. So I went with him. I just started looking some books. He suggested me to read The Monk.. , The Alchemists, etc. I told him I an not interested in reading. But he said you try at least The Monk.. I said ok and bought that book. I came home and started reading that book. I decided that I will read first few pages and if its boring will not read full book. But I liked that book very much and then I read almost all books of Robin Sharma. Then reading became my habit. I liked some Paulo Coehilo's books too, eleven minutes, The Alchemists. Then I read books of my MASTER, Sri Sri Ravishankar. Wisdom for new millenimu, God loves fun, Celibrating Silence, Narad Bhakti Sutra. I liked all these books very much. I have started reading now MK Gandhi's autobiography.
Recently when i visited BAWA's blog , he has mentioned there few Richard Bach's books. I found those interesting so planned to read those also. Off course BAU has suggested that so it must be interesting and good only. Thanks BAU. For those who dont know who is BAWA , you can visit http://bawandinesh.blogspot.com/ Its just starting many good things yet to come , need to read.

Keep Smiling,
Jai Gurudev.

Friday, April 18, 2008

One past incident

I dont remember the exact month but this thing has happened in year 2006. There was satsang organized in the presence of Guriji - Sri Sri Ravishankar. But in those days I was not into Art Of Living at all. There always has been spiritual background in my family. My parents went that time to attend that satsang. When they came back , my parents told me that they got chance to see Guruji from very close. During satsang Guruji was throwing pedhas(sweets) in the crowd. My mother told me that she was so much lucky that she got 2 pedhas thrown by Guruji. My mother bring those pedhas to home and given to all. That time i was not knowing anything about Art Of Living, Guruji. But when I remember this incident now , I feels that I am the luckiest person. My parents are not into Art Of Living , they are having their different Master.
Sometimes I think Guruji has made magic with that pedhas and I came into AOL. Yes I am blessed.

With love and gratitude,
Jai Gurudev.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

jan08 to apr08

Its almost 3 to 4 months has passed since I posted my last blog. Many things happened in these 4 months. Rather many beautifull and enchanting things happened in last 4 months. Its April going on, sun is soaking heat like anyhting. But yes still life is becoming more n more beautifull for me, beacause read next para :)

I was eagerly waiting for 1st week of march as there were many programmes in surat on the occasaion of mahashivratri and that too was in physical presence of Guruji. Advanced course, sahaj samadhi, PDS, gita gyan, maharudra. I blessed to attend all these programmes in surat. There is one intresting thing happened during this time. Actaully I registered for programmes very well in advance, almost 1 and half months before :) In month of march I got one call from one lady saying that she was also interested in attending advanced course and we can go together. She was confirmed so I said ok , once you fix let me know. After that I forgot this thing. When I reached I asked one lady in bus about surat, she said she also coming for 1st time. They were also there for AOL programmes. While talking with that lady , she came to know this guy is the same to whom she has called :) The arrangement done by surat volunteers were superb. I express my love and thanks to all those. March 5th to 10th it was just awsome, beautiful, enchanting and amazing. Advanced course with Guruji , sahaj course with Bhanu didi. There were 3500 participants in advanced course. Guruji met with all participants and that time I saw HIM very closely. While doing sahaj course also I got chance to meet Bhanu didi that too from very close. I was on the top of the world in those 6 days. I got chance to meet Dinesh Bhaiyya and Bawa. I was blessed to be there in HIS presence and I saw my MASTER from very closely...

There is one more good news , my sister is getting married in this month.Preparations was going on from last 3 months, engagement, booking of marriage hall etc etc. So finally she will go to her home and then few days I will feel absence of her. My papa also retired now. Life goes on :)

Next month i.e in may Bawa is coming to pune. There will be satsang with him and YES+ course. I am very much waiting for it now.

Keep Smiling,

Jai Gurudev,