Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Some Hindi Poems of Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee ji

Today while browising through internet I got some poems of Shri Atal Bihali Vajpayee. Few of his poems I have listened long time back. I like his poems , each and every word of it means a lot. His poems are encuraging , gives inspiration touches to the heart. A perfect blend of ultimate truth, spirituality, moral values. I think we are the witness to ourself , whatever good things , bad things we do in our life.

Keep Smiling,
Jai Gurudev

Friday, June 6, 2008

One Accident

Today while returning home it was raining lightly. Initially I thought ohh noo, but second moment I thought it’s a good chance to enjoy it. So while returning to home on my bike I started enjoying that rain. It was such a nice feeling. This was golden opportunity for me. I was on my way and I saw rush by the side of the road. It was an accident. One middle aged man was seated by roadside surrounded by few people. He was having injuries on his head and blood was flowing from his head like anything. I immediately stopped and rushed there and shouted take him to hospital. We 3 to 4 boys put him in a auto and 2 boys went with him. Actually one vehicle hit him. It was really nice to see that many people were there to help him. One girl was there, she was returning home in auto. She thought that lets take that person in her auto but that autowala got scared and ran away. So she asked me lift. She told me that not a single car stopped to help that injured person. I said its like that only. I thought why most of the people’s approach is like that. They don’t want to get involved in such things. It may be then police case, etc etc. I thought today that person met with an accident, tomorrow may be our turn. What I think is that lets forget that how other people behaves, if they don’t want to help let it be, let’s not criticize to other people, system, police department etc. etc.. Let’s give our best whatever is possible for us. Let me decide here that whenever I see such incident I will be always ready to help at any place, at any time.

Keep Smiling,
Jai Gurudev.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

School Friends... Nostalgic moments...

Before 2 to 3 days, one of my school friends visited my orkut profile. I also checked his profile and then I saw many school friends in his friends list. I was so happy at that moment. I found my old school friends. Our teacher used to say that school days and college days are like golden days. She uses a beautiful marathi word, morpankhi diwas. Morpankhi means feathers of peacock and diwas means days. It means that , these are the days you should enjoy , study well, dreaming of your future. A lot of enthusiasm , josh , a feeling to win this whole world, making lots of friends, learning lots of things, exploring your hidden talents , hobbies. Today I am feeling same josh, enthusiasm as I have found my school friends. Last Sunday they had get together but I could not attend that as I went for trekking that weekend. Today I had chat with that friend who visited my orkut profile, and then I called him. It was such a nice experience to talk with him. Remembering old school days, those friends, and teachers. These types of moments are special for us and we always cherish such moments. I told that I am gonna attend next get together definitely.

Its human tendency that we always find happiness in past or future. I am not saying here that get together is a bad thing. In fact I love it. And it has to be like that. This is the platform for where we can discuss and plan some good things. Exchange knowledge, share each other’s experiences, developing business contacts are some good points which we can get. I have decided that I am going to suggest all my school friends about the Art Of Living courses. I think there is no better work in this world than this. Spreading smile, love, caring for others and sharing whatever we have with those less fortunate than us is the best thing in this world.

Keep smiling,
Jai Gurudev

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Its raining.....!!!!!

Yesterday it was cloudy weather in the afternoon. I thought its going to rain now and in the evening it started raining heavily. A storm with thunder, lightning, heavy rain ohh that was amazing combination. First rain is always beautiful. I don't know but i used to hate rainy season when i was in school and college. But from last few years its my favorite season. If there is no rain there will be no life. Each and every creature on this earth waits for rain. This season brings such a pleasant feeling in our mind. I feels as if I becoming more younger and younger :) It brings lot of enthusiasm. Yesterday while returning home from office it was raining very lightly and I really enjoyed that. There were many trees were fell down because of which road gets blocked, but so what the magic of first rain is much more beyond that.

Keep Smiling,
Jai Gurudev.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Koyana Wildlife sanctuary and Vasota fort

This weekend was really full of joy, enthusiasm, adventures as I had been to Koyna wildlife sanctuary and Vasota fort. One of my colleague asked me on Thursday and Friday I decided, how can I leave this golden opportunity. We were almost 14 members, most of them was from our office.
We left Friday night and reached to Satara somewhere around 2 AM. Ohh my god and next bus from Satara to Bamnoli was at 6:15 AM. So till then we did time pass. I tried to sleep on benches of ST stand but it couldn’t work because of mosquitoes J Someone from our team brought tea for all , I said at 2:45 we are going to have tea? But I had it J

In the morning we took bus to Bamnoli reached there in 2 hours and then from there we took permission to go to Koyna wildlife sanctuary. Actually Vasota fort is there in Koyna sanctuary area only. By motorboat we started heading towards the tents which we were supposed to go. It was 2 hours journey of motorboat. We reached to the tents. We had lunch there and then took some rest. To bring water we had to go to Koyna damn which was almost 1 km from our tents. I carried one pot of water on heat which must be of 8 to 10 liters. Then I realized how worst situation of water shortage is there in so many villages. But we enjoyed that experience. In the evening we went to watch some animals with the guard. We all sat on one point without making any noise. We sat almost 2 to 3 hours there. Finally we saw some jungli dogs there. They came to drink water and we were sitting on the other side of the damn. We saw footprints of many animals like bison. Jungle pigs. After returning we cooked rice and dal J We saw there was one more group reached to the other tent. They were making hell lot of noise, drinking. We had a arguments with that group, as it was really disturbing the piece of forest.

Second day morning at 6 o’clock we started climbing Vasota fort. Guard was ready to come with us. He told us that its almost 6 to 7 km from the tents. It was quite nice experience while climbing. No talking only walking, I used this principle. Some people were lagging behind. But we used to wait for them. We took almost 1 and half hour to reach to top. And it was mind blowing, superb scene from the top. Deep valleys , big mountains . dark forest we could see from the top. It was just amazing scene from the top of the fort. We saw one 2 temples there, king palace was almost gone. I was always walking with the guard. While returning we both took only one stop to see whether other team is coming or not and after that we did not stop anywhere. We had breakfast somewhere around 10:30 AM and then journey way back to home is started.

In two days we walked almost 18 to 20 km. It was great experience. The whole body muscles are paining, especially legs now J It was nice opportunity after a long time. I used to go for trekking regularly when I was in college days. But later due to job and all those things I started ignoring that. But I want to start it regularly now. Once your mind becomes ready and your willpower is high then things work. Trekking and photography has always been my favorite topics, rather those are my hobbies.

Keep Smiling,
Jai Gurudev