Sunday, May 25, 2008

Chakra Sudarshan by Balaji Tambe

Today I almost finished reading a book written by Dr. Balaji Tambe. He is a very famous, reputed and expert in ayurveda. He is a highly spiritual leader. Chakra sudarshan book basically explains solar plexus in out body. We can say it as energy centres or seven chakras in our body. Muladhar chakra, swadishtan, manipur, anahat, vishudhha, adnya and sahastradal are the names. Each chakra is having its own characteristics and each one is associated with some quality. Imbalance in any of these chakra can cause to physical, mental problems. It impacts on our mind as well. Dr Balaji Tambe has very beautifully explained each and every chakra and how to keep those in balance. He has mentioned about different types of yoga, sadhana, panchkarma treatments, different types of meditations are the methods for these chakras. While reading this book I came to know that our sudarshan kriya, padmsamadhana covers almost all things which he has mentioned. This is really a stupid thought that came in my mind. Many science research institues all over across globe has done study on sudarshan kriya and come up with some reports. Its very good but I think its hardly 10 percent :) or less than that :) Whatever given by Master is always gr88 and it cannot be measured fully by such stupid science processes. I was listening to one Guruji's talk , someone there asked Guruji shani ka prabhav hota hai kya. Guruji replied shani ka prabhav hota hai lekin usase bhi bada ishwar ka prabhav hota hai. Really when Guruji is with us then why to worry about shani.

Keep smiling :)
Jai Gurudev


Anonymous said...

Last line is very true! :)

Mitraaa.. said...

Where Can I get this book from? I stay in pune. Can I but this book online?