Thursday, November 13, 2008

Two nice stories

I came across two nice stories while watching TV. It does not mean that watching TV is good thing :)It depends what you are watching. :)

A famous painter wanted to draw a painting of Lord Bal Krishna. To draw this painting/portrait he was in search of little beautiful and cute child. So that by looking at child he can draw the painting. But the problem was he was not getting a little boy as per his expectations. He searches a lot. Finally in one village he found a very nice, beautiful and cute boy. Painter draws a very beautiful painting of little Lord Krishna.
Couple of years passed, painter is now old man. This time he wanted to draw a painting of very dangerous criminal. He wanted to have such criminal in front of him so that he can draw his painting. He searched in many jails but he did not get as per his expectations. Painter wanted to catch all expressions of criminal. While passing through roadside, he saw police was carrying one dangerous criminal and there his search finishes. After drawing painting of criminal, that criminal asks him do u remember me. Painter says no. Criminal tells painter that couple of years back you wanted to draw a painting of Bal Krishna that time also you choose me. Now you wanted to draw a painting of very dangerous criminal now also you choose me. Painter understands that criminal is the same person.

What we can learn from this story is that divinity and evil both qualities are present in all human beings. It depends on us where to focus and concentrate. Whatever we focus on grows in our life.

An enlightened Master goes into one village and people organize the satsang for couple of days.
A thief from the village gets a good chance to make robbery because he knew that almost all villagers will go to satsang. He decides a rich person’s house where he wanted to do robbery. He becomes successful in his mission. He keeps all that wealth in his house. After few minutes a angel appears in front of him. Angels says to him that God has seen you today while you were doing robbery. And you will be getting a very strong punishment of that. Angel says you must surrender to God and accept your theft. Thief scares and decides to surrender and goes into house to return the wealth he has stolen. But he remembers one line of that enlightened master when he was passing through that satsang place. He remembers that master said that Angle does not have shadow of their own. So when thief switched on light he can see the shadow of that Angel. He returns with a big stick and says to that person you are making me fool. That so called Angel agrees and accepts that he himself is thief also. He wanted loot his readymade stolen wealth. The wife of thief was very good and spiritual in nature. She tells her husband that you listen and obeyed one line of that enlightened master and you got so much benefit out of that. If you listen and follow the path given by that master then how beneficial it will be.

Keep Smiling.
Jai Gurudev


Anonymous said...

Hi Vinod,

Thanks for visiting my blog, and leaving link to Art of Living Foundation page. I know and admire Sri Sri Ravi Shankar -- he is a friend and colleague of my teacher in Rishikesh. I also enjoy the stories on your blog. Where are you located in India?


Vinod Patil said...

hi lemonindi
Thanks for visiting my blog and it is really nice that u liked my blog story. I am from pune, maharashtra.

Mark said...

Thanks for sharing these stories, very interesting. I am still thinking on them.