Tuesday, November 4, 2008

New York experiences

I was working with Merrill Lynch in 2007 for couple of months. For almost two and half months I was in New York, the biggest finance hub of USA. I think we can call it as Finance hub of this world as if stock market of US goes down it affects on almost each and every country’s stock market. New York City has its own glamour. Big talents born here, some came from other parts of the world. The Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island are the five major areas of this city.

Even though it was first time to go abroad excitement was not much, a bit curiosity was there. It was new place, new colleague, and new boss for me. My roomies were Indian and they helped me a lot. I never found any difficulty during my stay. What I seen there almost all Indians cook food at home, well that is quite natural and wise ones will prefer that :) I found Americans are co-operative , disciplined, they will give you smile even if they don’t know you. I think Americans are either fat or they will be in proper body shape. I think Americans needs lot of research on their food habits. :) My black American boss always used to take me to taste different types of food items. This is the different case that I liked very few of those :) I was really amazed when I came to know that my boss was not addicted to smoking, drinking etc. , even though he was a proper American. I was having almost all bad habits that time. When he saw me smoking, he asked me, what makes you feel to smoke, what encourages you for smoking. I was answerless that time. Whenever I have done any bad habit, I always used to interact with myself that something is going wrong. It’s like monitoring your own self.

Traveling with subway trains, path trains and bus was good experience. Network of trains underground was new for me that time. Why USA is so much rich and advanced today, is a question we must think on. One day my boss invited me for dinner. Even though I used to eat non-veg that time, I told him I will prefer veg food, as I was scared. :) When I reached to his house I came to know that he is very much interested in music and he can play trumpet very well. His wife was very much interested in cooking. A strict professionalism and discipline at work place are two good qualities which I saw there. My boss was very much frank in nature and we used to discuss on many topics like Indians taking jobs of Americans, dowry system in India, spirituality in India etc. During weekends my colleague and I used to go for sightseeing. We had been to statue of liberty, Wall Street, empire state building, Washington DC, Niagara Falls. It was beautiful experience.

You go anywhere in this world people are same with same emotions, feelings, desires. I don’t like to compare, stupid people keeps comparing, keeps criticizing about what they don’t like. Each country and each city in it has its own beauty. I remember someone asked Guruji that why India is so much rich in spirituality and Guruji answered that America is also beautiful city and people over here are also good but what I see is that Americans has lost somewhere in celebration. (Here celebration means materialistic celebration)