Friday, November 7, 2008

Thursady Satsnag

Yesterday Sushma Didi was present for the satsang and satsang continued for almost two hours. Whenever she comes, she gives some good knowledge points which are very important for day to day life. Generally whenever Guruji is surrounded by people everybody wants to talk with Him, hug Him , bow down to Him. This is but obvious. What happenes that time is, many thinks that Guruji didnot see me , He did not talked with me, I could not discussed my problem with Guruji, etc. etc. Sushma Didi told that we should not think like that. If Guruji is talking with someone then we should think that as if He is talking with me only. If He is watching anybody then think as if He is watching you only. I know agreeing to these statements practically is bit difficult. The reason is our mind. It is our ego that comes in between. Why Guruji did not see towards me, why He did not talked with me. This "me" is a big enemy on the path of spirituality. Who am I? I am nothing in this world. I think we should live with this feeling all the time.

In first week of last month I got the chance to attend the navaratri advance course in Pune ashram. I met with my school friend there. In the last week there was blessing course organized in the presence of Swami Pragyapadji. My friend asked me are you interested to attend. Mine was not fixed because I knew that I will not get leave. But later I asked my senior and I did not get the leave. I could not attend the blessing course. There is one more guy called Prashant told me that he also wanted to attend the blessing course. In fact he went in half way and he got a phone call. Because of some work he had to return. He also could not do the course. My friend told me that Swami Pragyapadji was saying the same thing. Many people wanted to do the course, but why you people only reached to the course venue. It is not in our hand. So I think whenever my turn will come I will get chance to do the course. But yes it depends on my intensity and Gurukrupa.

keep smiling,

Jai Gurudev.

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