Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Astral Travel aka Out Of Body Experience

In last couple of days while browsing on internet, I came across about some interesting topics. It is not like that I was totally unaware of these topics. But then I thought lets go into deep and understand what exactly those topics are. Those topics are astral travel a.k.a out of body experiences, astral projection, near death experience.

Astral travel or out of body experience ( OBE ) is that experience when your consciousness leaves your physical body and you can observe world without your physical body and its physical senses. It is 'an experience in which a person seems to perceive the world from a location outside his physical body'. What I observed that, it is a part of spiritual practice which is very common in western countries. Generally people get such type of experiences while they are sleeping or dreaming. Some may get while driving, working, playing etc. Off course every single person may not get such experiences. When consciousness leaves body you can see and hear those things which are far from your physical body.

Recently I had chat with a person who is from Netherlands. He was telling me that he was guided by his dreams on his spiritual path. He is getting dreams like he is a Buddhist monk. Also in last two days I went throw one blog where I read about this astral travel. Here is that blog gnosticgirl. You can read more about OBE here

Now what I think is that consciousness leaves your body means of course your physical senses leaves your body. Does it also mean your soul leaves your body during that time? Well I really don’t know as I never had such experience. :) But yes I used have some different types of experiences. I used to wake in the midnights with full sweating. I used to feel like I am dying and I used think what exactly death is. Is OBE same like telepathy. Whatever it is but in western countries people are doing lot of research on this. Many people are using it as spiritual practice and they are regularly practicing it. There are many institutes/organizations, methods available for this. In our India this thing is not new. It will not be a wrong if I say that in India there are many spiritual, enlightened Masters who are having mastery on all such topics. Bharat ki bhumi anginat santo ke sitaro se saji hai. Such enlightened people rule on the visible and invisible world. They rule on this whole creation.

In spirituality there are many paths but one must stick to only one otherwise everything gets messed up. Then situation becomes "Dhobi ka kutta.. " :) But on the path of spirituality you must have a good Master. There is no other way. Same thing Krishna has told to Arjuna.

Keep Smiling.


Nidhi said...

hey nice topic.. a friend of mine who is doing a meditation told me something similar..
it sounds like jadu to me.. :P

hey vinod pls remove word verification ..

Anonymous said...

Hi Vinod,
Actually it is not a common spiritual practice in Western countries – astral travel is a natural occurrence that happens when all people sleep, only most people (particularly those in Western countries) are not aware of this process because of the chaotic state of their psyche. But by quietening and concentrating the mind, then people can experience consciously what naturally occurs when they sleep. Actually, many young children from all over the world naturally and spontaneously experience astral travel because their minds are a lot less chaotic. But there are not many people in Western countries interested in quietening their mind! You are lucky you found me!!

Vinod Patil said...

thanks alyssa, but my knowledge about gosis is very limited and definitely I am going to read and get knowledge on it.