Tuesday, September 9, 2008

First upgrade of YES+

Day before yesterday on sunday I attended upgrade of YES+ course. Actually it was all of sudden happened. Before few days I got call from YES+ volunteer and then it got fixed. Well it was full day worshop but I really enjoyed it. First we had some exercise and long sudarshan kriya and knowledge session, review of learnings of YES+. It was fun and much more learning in YES+ upgrade. Any work in this world is not good or bad. Its just our mentality to lable it. Our ego is such a strange thing. If we divert our ego in good things , spiritual things then its heaven here. Otherwise if we keep ego in stupid things then its the worst thing. I will not forget this day throughout my life.
What I can say here is once you do YES+ upgrade you cannot forget that day in your whole life :)

Keep Smiling,
Jai Gurudev


Vivek Barun said...

Jai gurudev,
hey the contents of the course or upgrade are not to be made public.
Just think if you already knew about what's going to happen in upgrade either you will be too scared to go or the surprise will be over.
I suggest you to talk with your yes+ teacher about this.

Anonymous said...

i also did the same on the same day!!!!!!

wowhhhh awesome!! :)

i almost forgot i gues i will blog my experience!!