Thursday, September 11, 2008

Big Bang

Big Bang has started. How this universe/universes or galaxi/galaxies got created. What was there in the begining. According to Big Bang theory universe has expanded from a primordial hot and dense initial condition at some finite time in the past and continues to expand to this day. I was very much curious about geting the more information about this theory and this project. CERN's seven thousand scientist working on this project. I think this is the first attempt of human being to find out about how this universe got created. This project is going on in Geneva, under the sea. They have made a 27 KM round under the sea and yesterday they tested transmission of beam through that large hadron collider at speed of 11000 km. Well I just can't imagine when they will test the collision of those beams. I heard that this project is will be useful in many ways like getting new techonology to cure cancer. In today's date science and techonology has reached to very high state. Few questions always comes in mind. Is man challenging nature? Is he planning to control earth, universe, weather? Well what I think is that any progress in science and techonology has to be used for good purpose. Definitely nature's power is always bigger and we cannot take control of it. Big Bang theory's discussion also raises one more topic that GOD exists or not. :)

To get more information about Big Bang, or just put "Big Bang" in google. You can read more stuff on CERN's websites also. --

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Jai Gurudev

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Anonymous said...

Yup we cant really do something perfect! If there is perfect there is a divine hand. When you in this world there is no perfection!


Anyways all the best to those scientists! ;)

Jai gurudev!