Saturday, September 13, 2008

OSHO's Talks

From last few months I am listening to OSHO's talks. His talks are superb and directly reaches to our heart. Listening to his talks itself is a satsang. Ek omkar satnam, Kahe kabir mai pura paya, kahe kabir diwana, pad ghungharoo bandh .... He gives very simple examples to make the concepts clear. Many times he gives examples of Mulla Nasariddin. Listening to OSHO's talks means gaining more and more knowledge. He has talked on Meerabai, Guru Nanak, Kabir and so many other things. He gave one nice example of Sufi Saint Junnaid. Junnaid was very much attached to his son and he used to love him a lot. Unfortunately his son dies and when Junnaid comes to know that his son died, he gets a shock for a moment. Then after that he behaves very normally as if nothing has happened. At the end of day his wife asks him didn't you felt bad. Junnaid told her yes for 1 moment I was shocked but then I thought when I was not having son then also I was happy. When our son borned then also I was happy. Then why I should be in sorrow now. Yesterday I was having son , today I dont have. Its like a dream , whats there in dream, dream comes and goes.

There was one more beautiful thing OSHO has told is his talks. There was one very gr8 and famous Indian scientist in USA. He was doing research on plants. Plants can understand humans emotions, sentiments, they can read humans mind. After that scientist's death his American student continued the research. In laboratory there was one plant on which experiments were going on. That plant was attached to machines to read its vibrations. When that student came near to its plant and he was very happy that moment, that time plant's vibrations were smooth. After few moments he thought what if I cut this plant in between , and suddenly the vibrations of plants changed suddenly and its graph changed drastically. That student just thought about to cut the the plant , but he never did it. After this incident whenever that student came near to that plant its graph used to change. It took 20 days for that plant to understand that , this student is not going to do anything harmful it him. This has been scientifically proved this way.
There's a book named as The Secret Of Plants on this same concept.

Well its really difficult to mention here all things which I have learned from OSHO's talks. His talks are available free on

Keep Smiling,
Jai Gurudev.


Subhash Madhukar said...

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Anonymous said...

:) great to know that i shall be hearing his talk soon thanks for the link!