Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Astik and Nastik

What do you mean by Astik and Nastik. Astik means that person who believes in GOD and nastik means who ignores the presence of GOD and its power. This is the general meaning we all know. Yesterday I came to know very beautiful explanation of these two words. Their meaning is not just which I have mentioned above. Astik means that person who strongly believes in life. He who finds good things among the bad things. Even in worst situation he never looses his hopes. We generally criticizes our system, people, situation, corruption. Then I think one who criticizes all these things, he cannot be a astik. Astik will not keep complaining , rather he will work on making the things better. Astik will always accept the situation as it is and will work for the better tomorrow. Only visiting temple and attending bhajans does not make person astik. Vikram bhaiya has explained that there is not much difference between astik and nastik. Astik first believes in GOD and then he wants to see GOD. Nastik wants to see GOD first and then he will trust in it.

Keep Smiling,
Jai Gurudev

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Anonymous said...

last line is like the diff between spiritual and science!!

Astik and nastik.. i havent heard about that before thanks for hightlighting!