Sunday, August 31, 2008

Festival Season

The Olympics games has finished now. India got 3 medals. It was really great thing. Abhinav Bindra has made it. Our national anthem instrumental was played when Abhinav got the gold medal. It was the amazing moment. Any indian will be proud of such event. Well I really dont want to argue why we could get only 3 medals. What I heard that Abhinav's rifle which he used is of 1 crore. He has personally spent lacs and carores rupees on his training and equipments. But whatever it is he has made it. Well our government should provide more and more facilities to all these sports people and they should stop this ridiculous politics in any sports.

Well its festival season going on. Bappa ale re... :) its now Ganesh festival for 10 days. After few days navaratri , Dasara and then Diwali :) In Maharashtra Ganesh Festival is very big. You will see many people saying that, day by day festival is getting lost somewhere. I mean the pure feelings, serenity, its true purpose is getting distorted. Today only I read such types of news in newspaper. Well I am definitely agree to this but we should not forget that change is natures law. And everybody is responsible to make this festival more and more creative , innovative. I think this festival definitely useful. Important thing is that we should not criticize anything, if we cannot take part in it. Whatever it is I like this festival. Ganapati bappa moraya.....

Keep Smiling,
Jai Gurudev

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