Friday, August 8, 2008

Problems in Life

Day before yesterday night one of the talented guy from our company jumped from 7th floor and commit suicide. He was on the manager level and was from IIT. Our company has sponsored him for IIT. Almost 4 years of bright professional journey, he commit suicide. Our company is quite famous for open and healthy culture. Everyone was shocked. He has send a SMS to his brother mentioning that I am having lot of work load , stress and that's why I am going to do this. Few of my colleague said that it could not be only work load reason , there may be some personal reasons. I really dont understand how people dare to commit suicide. OK if i agreed that once people go into that stage, they can do anything. But why dont they think that they are making the biggest sin. Now this guy was having so many options like he could have changed company if it would have work load reason, or he could have went to some good counsellor etc. There are many ways and solutions. On the other hand I think that all these discussions are useless because when the person is born his whole life story has already been written. What job he will do, whom he will get married or how and when he will die, everything is fixed. But then again by saying this we cannot just sit idle. I have seen lots of such suicide cases. I have seen many people going through heartfelt and after heartfelt they talk like this only, absolutely rubbish. I have seen heartfelt in my life. Suicide is not at all the solution of any problem in life, then it may be any damn problem. I think in today's world we run lot of after money , success and relationships and then somewhere we get lost in that. Why that guy commit suicide, his mental situation was totally worst. His mind was totally full of stupidity. His mind was disturbed like anything. I think we can prevent all these things if we think how to work on mind and keep it healthy. Let me mention here that meditation , yoga are absolutely must now now in days. I think without spirituality life is nothing. That is the only way to keep your mind healthy and maintain your centrdness.

Keep Smiling,
Jai Gurudev.

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Anonymous said...

This news should be put first in the news paper everyday! AOL has the solution to the worst nightmares!