Monday, August 4, 2008

YES+ with Bawa and Dinesh Bhaiyya

I was having idea that, there is a YES+ course scheduled at july end and Bawa himself was going to conduct it.I was very much interested in doing this course but somehow that enthusiasm doesnot remains till last. But just two days before the course begins, I enrolled for it. It was amazing to attend the YES+ course. The most important thing was we got the presence of both Bawa and Dinesh Bhaiyya. Five days of full of magic, knowledge sessions, games, exercise, masti. I have enjoyed a lot in the course. Both Bawa and Dinesh Bhaiyaa shared some nice experiences. Life can be pursuit of happiness or it can be expression of happiness. So the choice is ours, life shud be , I will say must be expression of happiness. Learning from the past and planning for the future goals but in the present moment is very much important in life. During the exercise session it was fun, especially when doing surya-namaskaras. People used to say enough , some used to screech. Bawa said very beautifull thing. Generally people have one mentality they never lives in the present moment. They always remains in pursuit of happiness. Wheather I will get admission in good college, then after getting degree when I will get good job, when I will get good girlfriend, then worry about marriage, then about kids. I think this is very much important. Living in this material world but not disturbing our centredness is very very important thing. And this can be obtained only through spiritual practises. I came to know lot of new things about the food habits of western countries and how exactly the things works in slaughter houses. It was horrible. I think we should spread awareness about global warming to as much people as we can. Bawa is having tremendous presence of mind. He answers the question without completing the question itself. At the end of the course everyone was hugging Dinesh Bhaiyya, so I also went and hugged Dinesh Bhaiyya. This was golden opportunity for me. I bought sweets to distribute in my project as emailed to all project about the course and its contents so that few of them may think to do YES+ course.

With love and gratitude,
Jai Gurudev


Bhanuja said...

haha..distributing sweets !!! really a gud idea !

Anonymous said...

They rock!!!!!!!! :)