Thursday, June 5, 2008

School Friends... Nostalgic moments...

Before 2 to 3 days, one of my school friends visited my orkut profile. I also checked his profile and then I saw many school friends in his friends list. I was so happy at that moment. I found my old school friends. Our teacher used to say that school days and college days are like golden days. She uses a beautiful marathi word, morpankhi diwas. Morpankhi means feathers of peacock and diwas means days. It means that , these are the days you should enjoy , study well, dreaming of your future. A lot of enthusiasm , josh , a feeling to win this whole world, making lots of friends, learning lots of things, exploring your hidden talents , hobbies. Today I am feeling same josh, enthusiasm as I have found my school friends. Last Sunday they had get together but I could not attend that as I went for trekking that weekend. Today I had chat with that friend who visited my orkut profile, and then I called him. It was such a nice experience to talk with him. Remembering old school days, those friends, and teachers. These types of moments are special for us and we always cherish such moments. I told that I am gonna attend next get together definitely.

Its human tendency that we always find happiness in past or future. I am not saying here that get together is a bad thing. In fact I love it. And it has to be like that. This is the platform for where we can discuss and plan some good things. Exchange knowledge, share each other’s experiences, developing business contacts are some good points which we can get. I have decided that I am going to suggest all my school friends about the Art Of Living courses. I think there is no better work in this world than this. Spreading smile, love, caring for others and sharing whatever we have with those less fortunate than us is the best thing in this world.

Keep smiling,
Jai Gurudev

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Anonymous said...

Hmm, Right. i really understood the importance only yesterday. Bawa came to UTSAV like 5:45 ( Rashmin and Anjana Didi took sushma yoga and surya namaskar till then) Then Bawa saw the piles of id cards of those who havent turned up. And that moment he said we will have another UTSAV during August! i was like what a man!?!? i felt guilty a little becasue i enrolled around 15 people out of which only 10 turned up. but Now he has given us a chance to do something more! And i feel the responsiblity. :) its Great!!! :)

Jai Gurudev

I am yet to contact my school mates. I have lost their ids. etc. So hope i get them to next utsav!! :)

Three cheers to Bawa and Dinesh (of course Guruji)