Friday, June 6, 2008

One Accident

Today while returning home it was raining lightly. Initially I thought ohh noo, but second moment I thought it’s a good chance to enjoy it. So while returning to home on my bike I started enjoying that rain. It was such a nice feeling. This was golden opportunity for me. I was on my way and I saw rush by the side of the road. It was an accident. One middle aged man was seated by roadside surrounded by few people. He was having injuries on his head and blood was flowing from his head like anything. I immediately stopped and rushed there and shouted take him to hospital. We 3 to 4 boys put him in a auto and 2 boys went with him. Actually one vehicle hit him. It was really nice to see that many people were there to help him. One girl was there, she was returning home in auto. She thought that lets take that person in her auto but that autowala got scared and ran away. So she asked me lift. She told me that not a single car stopped to help that injured person. I said its like that only. I thought why most of the people’s approach is like that. They don’t want to get involved in such things. It may be then police case, etc etc. I thought today that person met with an accident, tomorrow may be our turn. What I think is that lets forget that how other people behaves, if they don’t want to help let it be, let’s not criticize to other people, system, police department etc. etc.. Let’s give our best whatever is possible for us. Let me decide here that whenever I see such incident I will be always ready to help at any place, at any time.

Keep Smiling,
Jai Gurudev.


Anonymous said...

My story is not much diff to yours. Only thing. I dnt see the accident or blood. I was returning from utsav(bus)with a friend. Got down and saw a huge crowd creating traffic. Dnt even peek in. I supposed to have seen trans-genders drunk. So i thought it was a big fight and walked fast..(it was night 10:30 and that area wasnt safe for a girl because of bars). Then the guy who accompanied me said that there was an accident and people crowded because of that only! Ahhh.. i dnt help. i left it. I wasnt going to take risk (esp with wine shop near). I came home. Now i read your post. its making me feel guilty!! You are right one day we might be in such a situation and in that situation its seconds that matter. If i am going to think if i should help that person i will surely have to reap my sins for killing a person! Next time i see such things i will say Jai Gurudev and get on to the spot and help people!! Thanks buddy for sharing..

Jai Gurudev!

Anonymous said...

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