Friday, September 4, 2015

Who loves you most Or who is your most beloved

I remember one thing that I learnt in one of the AOL workshop.

Wonder when a couple says to each other that I cannot live without you, you are my life etc etc.
For any relation for that matter, I mean it could be a relation between mom and son, dad and daughter any relation where there is love. And in such relation one is ready to die for other. I mean very genuine and pure love.  There is no wonder right. I mean there is not really but lets see the facts.

When one person say X loves to Y very much. Lets assume that X's life is dedicated to Y and X is ready to even die if such situation occurs. But without X where is the love ? His i.e X's presence itself creates all this game. Another thing is that it is X's desire to love Y and ready to spend life with Y. By doing all this thing X is getting fully satisfied and X's desires are getting fulfilled.

If we look this way then for a moment it seems that everybody loves himself or herself most in this world :)


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