Sunday, December 7, 2008

Mumbai Bomb blasts 26/11

It has been couple of days now for Mumbai Bomb blasts. Many innocent people, police officers, army men died in this. Terrorism has spread across the whole globe. India is suffering more than any other country. Only discussions on bomb blasts, blaming our system, government, politicians will not work. I think common man’s active participation is needed. Everyone should look within and think on this. How I can contribute on this front. I think if every person started thinking like this then definitely the scene will be much better. People don’t vote in elections and they criticize system and government. This is big stupidity. Unity among us is what is more important. We should stop fighting in ourselves on the topic of religion, castes, languages etc. As a common man, I think we should not get influenced by politician’s speech which is just hopeless. I salute to all those army men, police officers and all those who have shown their courage in this

Yesterday while watching TV, I got chance to watch Guruji’s speech which He has given in Mumbai on terrorism. Guruji told that people are very angry on system, politicians but they should channelize their anger in proper way. Meditation, pranayama is what is important to come out of trauma. Art of Living has opened many trauma relief centers in Mumbai.

Jai Gurudev.


Anonymous said...

hmm yar.. i loved his speach.. awesome!
tears of joy came in he said!

Mark said...

You are correct, it is the responsibility of all inhabitants of this earth to take an active part in creating peace. Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me should be each persons mantra, for this type of thought will do more more than all of the governments, armies, etc in the world. Be in peace, be peace!

Rachel C Miller said...

... and as the soldier struggled to bring the wounded to safety, he spoke out, " His blood is red!"