Sunday, October 12, 2008

Fall of Human Intellect

In last two months I read two books. The first one The Fall Of Human Intellect by A Parthsarathy. This is a very excellent non-fiction book which deconstructs the difference between the intellect and intelligence. The author has perfectly explained about the emotions, our action which is controlled by our emotions, attachment, relationships, love. Author has given emphasis on the explanation on intellect and intelligence, our thoughts, judgment. Using this how we can improve our life, how we can achieve control on our mind, emotions. I think everybody should read this book. This book is very much good for those also who are Nastik. So save yourself from Fall!!

Deepak Chopra’s Buddha is also a very beautiful book. This is the first book I have read on Buddha. Author has tried to picture Buddha’s whole life. Siddhartha as a prince, then a wanderer monk in search of God, and after the enlightenment Buddha. After 10 years of marriage Siddhartha goes in Wanaprasthashram. Buddha’s way to achieve enlightenment was totally different. In our country we call vipasana , in Japan they calls it Zen. These are the different names of Buddhism.

Keep smiling,
Jai Gurudev.

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Anonymous said...

hmm didnt Parthasarathy get booker prize?

i am not following news mcuh!!