Friday, July 11, 2008

QnA with Guruji

Q: Guruji, there is celebration in your presence. How to keep up the same celebrative mindset in your physical absence?——————————————————————————–
Guruji : To keep up with the same celebrative mindset you need to inculcate certain disciplines. Follow certain things. They area) Not talk too much. Talking too much makes a person tired. Then while you are conversing a lot of ‘ buts’ and ifs will arise. This may lead to an unnecessary argument and then end up in an unnecessary bitterness!! So it is better to talk less.
b) Then second thing is often you make a plan and talk on the plan too much. There is no need to think over and over again on the plan and explain to someone about it.
c) The third thing is if you are not able to enthuse people, at least don’t loose your enthusiasm.
d) Then the fourth thing is, do not engage yourself in eating or sleeping too much. Or even watching TV, or reading books. These in turn can reduce your enthusiasm. The best thing would be is to be with your self. Listen to music.
e) Exercise and do some yoga. That way you will be able to retain your enthusiasm.

Q: I know it is important for me to be here with you. But I have a little conflict as it takes me away from my family. Could you comment?
Guruji: You know when you here and when you go deep and get rid of all the stresses, you are also helping your family out there. The good vibration that you produce in your system doesn’t just stay with you. Don’t think that your silence course is only benefitting you. You are being in silence, you are meditating - some of it goes to your family members as well. You may have noticed, some times you sit for mediation and nothing happens to you. And most of the meditation you know, the benefits of those meditations are going to people who have crossed the other side. So when you have to clear your debts you find balance not going up. Because debt is being cleared. So many times it happens.
There is an old saying “when you meditate the effect of it reaches to seven generations of the past and seven generations of the future.” So the genes with which you are connected u know affects all those seven generations the past and the future. That is a very common saying in India. People know it.
So a portion of our meditation, merits of our meditation goes to our near and dear ones. So you don’t have to have a conflict. And when you are at home doing your job, don’t think it is not spiritual. It is also my job. If you are taking care of your family know that it is not just your family it is Gurujis family also. So the whole world belongs to me and every body is a part of my family. So if you are taking care of your family you should know you are doing a seva, a work which is a part of AOL. And when you are here, you should know what ever you are doing you are also helping your kith and kin.Where is the conflict?

Keep Smiling,
Jai Gurudev

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