Monday, December 31, 2007

My First blog

This is my first blog, first of all I would like to give my namaskar to our Guruji, Sri Sri Ravishankarji.
this incident happned before few days, I was sleeping in the night and our neighbour was making a lot of noise, those guys are batchlors and their music system was disturbing the sleep of mine , in fact most of other families. After I lost my patience I woke up and told those guys in a very harsh words that I can do anything , better you behave properly . One of them was arroagant and came to literally fight with me. but others came in between.
Second day I felt that I used very rough language and very bad words to them and I thought I could have explained them in properly and in cool manner, so I said sorry to them but also told them you can do whatever you want but dont disturb others. and after that day till today they have not disturbed again.
This was a big learning for me , we can solve any problem in very cool way.

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